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5 Historic New York Gems That Are Still Around Today



Historic New York

New York City has a long history that looms over the entire country. It’s no surprise that historic New York places are highly revered. The rich cultural diversity and many years of contributing to the history of the United States, make New York one of the most interesting as well as exciting places in the world.

Check out these 5 historic New York places that you can visit today.

1) Economy Candy

Economy Candy in New York City.

Second only to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, LES’s Economy Candy has it all. Even Wonka Bars. What makes this place so special is the wide range of candy from your childhood, your parents’ childhood, and even their parents’ childhood. Other unique features include international candy and candy that has since gone extinct. Well, nearly.

2) Westsider Books

Interior shot of Westsider Books. One of New York's historic places.

Come on, just look at this place. Where else but in Harry Potter have you seen this kind of shop. In recent years it seemed like bookstores were going out of style. It turns out that that was only the fate of large retailers. Small mom-and-pop bookstores like Westsider Books have been going through a unique revival. Unique bookstores are now in. When Westside opened in the 70s on the upper west side they fit snugly with many other bookshops; now they are nearly all gone. Fun fact: Woody Allen filmed ‘Fading Gigolo’ here.

3) Absolute Bagels

Absolute Bagels storefront in New York.

Rated the number one bagel spot by Serious Eats, Time Out,, and many happy customers, Absolute is bagel perfection. As a native upper west sider, I grew up on these bagels. They are baked to mouth-watering perfection as well as generously seasoned. Pair a toasted and buttered or cream cheesed Everything with one of their Thai iced teas for the ride of your life.

4) Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza pie with green bell peppers and red onions. Historic New York pizzeria.

Face it, like everyone else you’re obsessed with pizza. But unlike everyone else, you’re going to Midwood and getting what is quite possibly the best pizza this side of Italy. Owned and operated for the past 50 years by Domenico DeMarco, Di Fara’s has also received high acclaim from Frommer’s, Zagat, and many others. My father took me when I was young just after a fishing trip in Sheepshead Bay and I watched DeMarco shoveling pizzas in and out of that old wood-burning oven. To this day Di Fara’s is the best pizza I’ve had outside of southern Italy. They open at noon. Get there early.

5) Glaser’s Bake Shop

Update: Glaser’s Bake Shop Closed in July 2018

Glaser’s Bake Shop went back over a century. This means that there have been three generations of Glasers, the first of which were German immigrants. It has remained at the same location since 1896, in Germantown, or as it is now called, Yorkville. It’s cheap, delicious, as well as a truly historic New York staple. Word is they make the best black and white cookie in town.

Though Glaser’s Bake Shop is now closed, it will be remembered as a must-visit New York City landmark for years to come.

Alright guys, now go get your old New York on.

Josh began writing for When In Your State in 2016. Josh is a born native of NYC and went to school in Leeds, and Miami, where he was a staff writer for the Metropolis newspaper. He now resides in Washington Heights. As well as writing for WIYS, Josh cofounded a production team, and does various freelance work.