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North Carolina

These 5 Haunted Places in North Carolina Will Give You Chills



Haunted places abound across the entire country. If you enjoy a truly chilling ghost story, these local tales are sure to keep you up at night. Even disbelieving patrons have become witnesses to some ghostly North Carolina encounters. Don’t believe the stories? Go and take a look for yourself! These five haunted places in North Carolina are available to the daring public.

1. The Devil’s Tramping Ground in Chatam County


Approximately 50 miles south of Greensboro, the Devil comes to dance at night. Since 1882, this 15 ft wide barren circle has been referred to as The Devil’s Tramping Ground. Nothing is able to grow here and anything left in the circle overnight is discarded. Several witnesses have made claims to seeing red eyes in the circle at night. I wouldn’t want to camp here on a dark night – or any night for that matter. Is the culprit just a geological phenomenon, or something more sinister? Whatever the truth is, this is one scary place, and definitely one of the most unique haunted places in North Carolina.

2. Lydia’s Bridge in Jamestown


This is a chilling ghost story that has become an urban legend. On the winding roads adjacent to an overgrown underpass off US 70, a young woman in a white gown is known for flagging down drivers and asking for a ride home. The woman tells the driver her name is Lydia and is trying to get home. Upon reaching the house she has directed him to, Lydia vanishes. Concerned and confused, the driver almost always knocks on the door to the house only to meet the mother of Lydia who informs the driver that her daughter died in a car accident many years ago.

3. The Pink Lady at the Grove Park Inn


Constructed over a century ago, the Grove Park Inn served as a prison for Axis diplomats in WWII. Today, the manor is a spectacular hotel home to a mysterious pink fog referred to as the “Pink Lady”. Tales suggest this ghostly figure was once a beautiful woman who fell to her death in the Palm Court interior hall of the hotel. The Pink Lady is described as gentle and does not appear as a threat to visitors. If you visit the hotel searching for her, employees and guests suggest looking in room 545 where she is most often seen and felt.

4. Crybaby Lane in Raleigh


Crybaby Lane refers to an area of deserted grass off Western Boulevard where the Nazareth Catholic Orphanage resided many years ago. This is one of the saddest haunted places in North Carolina. The orphanage was home to up to 100 children until a fire broke out in a dormitory in 1958. The rapid-fire killed many of the children and left the orphanage in ruins. Several months after the tragedy, the city received countless complaints about the air smelling just as strongly of smoke as it did during the fire. As if choking on phantom smoke wasn’t eerie enough, these neighbors were also subject to frequent screaming and crying of unseen children. Unable to live with the pained cries as well as smokey air, neighbors of the orphanage abandoned their homes.

5. The Biltmore Estate Pool in Asheville


The largest privately-owned home in America is also home to several ghostly spirits and tales centered around the indoor pool area. Perhaps the most famous of all haunted places in North Carolina is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. George Vanderbilt II built the house in 1888 where he lived with his wife Edith and daughter Cornelia until he died in 1914. The Great Depression resulted in Cornelia opening the home to the public. Nowadays the Biltmore receives millions of visitors every year; several of these visitors claim to have seen George sat in his library reading while others attest to hearing splashing and noises from the empty pool room.

North Carolina has a rich and complicated history. If you live there you know exactly what we mean. This fact also makes it the perfect place for aspiring or even professional ghost hunters. So, the next time you’re in this part of the country, if you feel brave enough, you should check out some of these haunted places in North Carolina.