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These 8 Haunted Places in Washington Will Send Chills Down Your Spine



The state of Washington is arguably the most beautiful state in the country when it comes to natural lakes, forests and historical landmarks. But the state has its scary side too. From deep in the woods to cities with long histories, haunted places in Washington abound.

Here are 8 of the most haunted places in Washington I deemed worthy to share with all you lovers of ghost stories.

1) Starvation Heights in Olalla, Washington

Starvation Heights Sanitarium. One of the haunted places in Washington. - Photo courtesy of
Starvation Heights Sanitarium

Dr. Linda Hazzard and her husband Sam ran a sanitarium in Olalla, Washington. Dr. Hazzard had a peculiar new treatment she was implementing – starvation, in order to treat illnesses. Well, it should come as no surprise that this wasn’t such a great idea. Many patients died and their bodies were incinerated in the sanitarium.

Dr. Hazzard maintained a public image of a strong feminist leader, but truly she was evil and greedy with her medical practices. For example, in 1911, two wealthy British sisters named Dora and Claire Williamson, came to Dr. Hazzard to receive treatment. At first, the sisters looked at their visit more like a holiday, however, it turned out to be a death sentence. Within a month, the sisters were shadows of their former selves, sickly skinny and malnourished. They died a slow and painful death by starvation one after the other.

Ghostly Happenings

The building’s foundation along with the incinerator remains where the bodies were burned. Spirits of many patients haunt the grounds, including young boys Jeff and Kyle. The evil presence left of Dr. Hazzard may be a reason for many paranormal occurrences around this location, or at the very least, her evil energy remains. Starvation Heights Sanitarium is arguably one of the most haunted places in Washington.

2) The Olympic Club Hotel in Centralia, Washington

Olympic Club Hotel - Phot by Evan Chakroff
Olympic Club Hotel – Phot by Evan Chakroff

This historic old hotel was erected in 1908. It also serves as a popular saloon. It has a very violent history. Many murders have occurred here and perhaps many more murders are still to come – though I sincerely hope not.

Ghostly Happenings

Ghostly apparitions have been sighted by many hotel staff members over the many years of its existence. The apparitions are unclear as to who they are but there have been many accounts – too many to be coincidental.

3) Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Vancouver, Washington

Fort Vancouver National Historic Stie - Photo by NPS CulturalLandscapes
The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site – Photo by NPS CulturalLandscapes

Fort Vancouver was a fur trading post in Vancouver, Washington during the 1800s. It stood along the Columbia River. It is now known as a National Historic Site and is also considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in Washington.

Ghostly Happenings

In the officer’s row location (like in the image above), there have been many odd paranormal occurrences. Many locals have claimed that they hear the ringing of telephones that aren’t plugged in, witness doors opening and closing violently on their own, as well as the feeling of cold spots throughout the barracks. Even paranormal investigators have had frightening experiences here, like having doors lock and unlock on their own, and hearing sounds of people walking around where no one is to be seen.

4) 5901 Park Ave in Tacoma, Washington

House at 5901 Park Ave - Photographer unknown
House at 5901 Park Ave – Photographer unknown

This house has a long history of odd and often malicious occurrences. It seems like a lovely home, but there is a very sinister side to the house. Investigators have yet to unlock its horrific secrets for being such a frightening house.

Ghostly Happenings

One specific old occupant claimed to have experienced knocking and slamming on doors in the late hours of the night by an unknown force or forces. He claimed that he often felt as though he was being pushed by an invisible entity in order to cause bodily harm to himself. The poor guy also experienced doors opening and shutting on their own as well as having light bulbs explode on him. The least physically frightening incidents involved the sounds of someone or something walking up and down the stairs late at night.

It might seem as though this person could easily just be insane, but the problem with that conclusion is that similar malicious incidents have been reported by other former occupants of the house. Even worse in some cases, cutlery were launched at them from across the room. One ex-occupant claims to have seen an apparition of a soldier one night who appeared in the den closet downstairs. Ghost soldiers in closets! Yikes!

Some occupants have died in the house as well. Also, it is believed that many different ghosts “live” in this house. Some are malicious while others are passive. Either way, I know I don’t want to be the next occupant of this horror house!

5) Black Diamond Cemetery in Black Diamond, Washington

Black Diamond Cemetery. Haunted places in Washington. - Photo by Peter Lewis
Black Diamond Cemetery – Photo by Peter Lewis

Founded in 1884, Black Diamond Cemetery resides on Cemetery Hill Road and is hidden by a row of trees. With more than 1,200 graves, this cemetery has a lot of potential to be a largely haunted location. It is associated with coal mining hence the name of the town, Black Diamond.

Ghostly Happenings

Sometimes on dark foggy nights, the swinging of lanterns of dead coal miners can be seen. Many people have claimed to have also heard whistling noises. One person also claimed to have seen a white horse running through the cemetery late at night. Paranormal investigators, however, have only claimed so far to have smelled strange aromas and felt cold spots during their investigations. Though who knows what may be documented by a professional paranormal investigation team in the future?!

6)  Campbell House in Spokane, Washington

Campbell House - Photo by Lucia
Campbell House – Photo by Lucia

A very special historical landmark house, the Campbell House was designed by Kirtland K. Cutter and built-in 1898. It was originally owned by Amasa Basaliel Campbell.

Ghostly Happenings

The Campbell House has a sad history actually. In the early 1900s, three of Campbell’s children were murdered by a burglar who then kidnapped a fourth Campbell child who was never seen again. With such horror and sadness, it definitely comes as no surprise that there are bad vibes that have been felt in this house by visitors. It is said that a portrait of Amasa Basaliel Campbell follows visitors as they move around it. So far there haven’t been claims of ghostly apparition sightings but feelings of coldness and dread are definitely present.

7) Rucker Mansion in Everett, Washington

Rucker Mansion - Photo by Joe Mabel
Rucker Mansion – Photo by Joe Mabel

The Rucker Mansion was owned by the Rucker family who were prominent figures in Everett, Washington. They were the original founders of the Everett and had a lot of influence on the city’s dealings. They basically created Everett.

Ghostly Happenings

Mrs. Rucker committed suicide by leaping to her death from her bedroom window. You can sometimes hear her playing the piano late during the night.

8) Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, Washington

Meeker Mansion - Photo by David Pickles
Meeker Mansion – Photo by David Pickles

Eliza and Ezra Meeker were pioneers who were influential in founding the city of Puyallup as well as much of the Puget Sound area. This mansion also stands as a landmark in Puget Sound.

Ghostly Happenings

People have claimed to have smelled the aroma of Eliza’s perfume on occasion. But most frighteningly are the apparently many occurrences when the ghost of Ezra has been spotted during various events held at the mansion.

For all it’s charm and natural beauty, there is also an equivalent dark side to the state of Washington. If you are fortunate enough to ever visit, it may not be just the rain that sends chills down your spine. Especially in the haunted places in Washington.

John Ghost is a professional writer and SEO director. He graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in English (Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies). As he prepares for graduate school to become an English professor, he writes weird fiction, plays his guitars, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He lives in the Valley of the Sun.