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These 7 Haunted Places in Virginia Will Send Chills Down Your Spine Virginia

Virginia is one of the oldest colonial states in the country. So many horrible events and incidents have taken place in the state throughout its long history. These horrible occurrences along with its long history make for a perfect locale for paranormal activity. I have comprised a list of 7 places in Virginia that are regarded by many to be haunted. Enjoy the trip down haunted lane…

1. Old Central State Hospital

Central State Hospital - photo courtesy of roots

Central State Hospital – photo courtesy of roots

First known as Central Lunatic Asylum, this hospital was the first institution in the country to treat African Americans. In the 1840s a lot of slave owners committed their slaves who appeared to possess an “unsound mind.” It later became a hospital and currently only a little wing of it is still being used.

Ghostly happenings:

Many people have come forward with claims of hearing loud cries wailing in the night of the abandoned sections. Also there have been various sightings of ghostly apparitions walking the grounds.

2. Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor - Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Chatham Manor – Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Built in 1768 by William Fitzhugh, this plantation overlooks the Rappahannock River. It was a popular plantation where many notable people would come to attend parties. It also was a site of a serious slave rebellion, a Union headquarters during the Civil War, and a wartime hospital.

One tale in particular stands out though. A young girl fell in love with a man her parents did not approve of. Her parents sent her to Chatham to separate her from her lover, but this failed as her lover followed her there. They saw each other in secrecy and even made plans to elope. At the same time however, George Washington was staying there and was informed of this plan by one of his servants who overheard it. Washington caught the girl and had her lover arrested. It is said that the girl was returned to England where she married and had 10 children but apparently never smiled again. Legend has it that on her deathbed in 1790, she swore to return to the only place where she knew happiness, which happened to be Chatham.

Ghostly happenings:

Since her death in 1790, a figure of a lady in white has been seen every 7 years on the anniversary of her death; June 21. She walks along the path towards the river, which is now known as The Ghost Walk.

3. The Chamberlain Hotel

The Chamberlain Hotel during the 1930s - Photo courtesy of virginiaplaces,org

The Chamberlain Hotel during the 1930s – Photo courtesy of virginiaplaces,org

The Chamberlain was once a historic hotel that welcomed guests such as the likes of George Washington. However, it has been renovated and is now a senior living facility.  One story about this building tells of a fire here at one time, which claimed the life of a teenage girl. She had been looking for her father, not realizing that he had already gotten safely out.

Ghostly happenings:

The top floor, according to rumor, is closed because of the many apparitions that freely roam there. Also the girl’s ghost has been spotted near where she passed away on the seventh floor, banging on the walls or peering out the windows.

4. Aquia Church

Aquia Church

Aquia Church – Photographer Unknown

Built in 1757, Aquia Church was the 3rd church to be constructed on this location. It has a very old cemetery that has tombstones dating back to the 1730s.

Ghostly happenings:

Because of the age and the very old cemetery dating back during the time when Virginia was a British Colony, there is very good reason to believe that if any cemetery in the country is haunted, it’s this one. Many sightings of ghostly apparitions have been spotted here over its long history.

5. Olde Towne Inn

Olde Towne Inn - Photo from

Olde Towne Inn – Photo from

Located in Manassas, Virgina, this inn has been around before The Civil War. It has been a hotspot in the small town for locals to grab a bite or have a drink for a very long time.

Ghostly happenings:

A ghost called Miss Lucy is said to haunt rooms 51 through 54. She is rumored to levitate guests and frequent the tavern. Inn employees and many guests have reported strange occurrences for many years regarding Miss Lucy. One couple recently had a terrible night in room 54. The wife and husband heard crashing noises in the bathroom to find nothing amiss. Also they had a tough time keeping their mattress from violently moving during the night.

6. Belle Grove Plantation

In the summer of 1885, veterans of the Union Army of the Shenandoah returned to a Virginia plantation called Belle Grove

In the summer of 1885, veterans of the Union Army of the Shenandoah returned to Belle Grove Plantation

Built between 1794 and 1797, this was once home to Revolutionary War veteran Major Isaac Hite, Jr. (President James Madison’s brother-in-law). It was also the headquarters of General Philip Sheridan during the Battle of Cedar Creek.

Ghostly happenings:

Many people have come forward claiming to see an apparition of a woman dressed in black wearing a black veil to be standing in front of the window in the top-most room. She is believed to be a former Belle Grove Plantation resident.

7. Edgewood Plantation

Edgewood Plantation - Photo by JackMc

Edgewood Plantation – Photo by JackMc

Built in 1849, the third floor of this plantation house served as a lookout for the Confederate Army and it was said to also serve as an army hospital. One woman named Elizabeth “Lizzy” Rowland resided at the plantation, as her family were the owners. Lizzy’s lover went off to fight in the war.  She would stand by the windows in the upper floors watching for his return so that she may be reunited with him again. Unfortunately for Lizzy her love never returned.  Devastated, she spent her final days at Edgewood. She was lonely as she awaited his return but she unfortunately passed away when she was 47 never seeing him again.

Ghostly happenings:

Lizzy is said to be still waiting for her lover to return from The Civil War. Many people claimed to have seen her ghostly apparition peek out from the curtain in the upstairs window. The Edgewood Plantation recently received some media recognition when it was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters.

Virginia has seen its share of horror courtesy of two gruesome wars and many years. For all Virginia’s natural beauty, there will always be a sinister paranormal aspect to this wondrous old state.

John Newell

John Newell is a professional musician as well as student, who is currently working on his PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at The University of Washington. He is also a photographer and freelance writer.

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