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Beautiful Washington State Videos Captured by Drones



The age of the drone is here! People may fear them, some may even hate them. But many learned to love them, and for good reasons! Drone videos have taken over the market for scenic videography. TThese three drone footage videos captured beautiful Washington State. They will simply amaze you as they reveal several beautiful views of Washington State as you’ve never seen it before!

Photo by Matty Cairns
Photo by Matty Cairns

Scenic Washington State by Drone (By Pacific Northwest Drone Adventures)

First up is a beautiful drone-captured video by Pacific Northwest Drone Adventures. They take us on a breathtaking journey over Washington that we will never forget!


Drone Captures Seattle as You’ve Never Seen It (By The Jeremy Gonzo Life)

Do you want to see the beautiful city of Seattle as you’ve never seen it before? I know I do. Well, you’re in luck, this drone footage video is an amazing source!


A Quick But Gorgeous Drone Video of Washington State (By WABizAlliance)

These guys give us a quick tour of some of the most gorgeous drone footage of Washington. This is a perfect video to share on one of or all of your social media outlets.


Drone Footage Over Bellingham, Larabee State Park With a GoPro 4K (By Genaro Shaffer)

Last up is a mesmerizing drone footage video of Larabee State Park in Bellingham, Washington. Using a GoPro 4K, this is some of the most beautiful drone footage shoots I’ve ever encountered!


As you can see, Washington is absolutely majestic. With all of these breathtaking views, it’s no surprise that so many people decide to live there.

Whether you visit beautiful Washington State by foot, car, plane, or imagination, these drone footage videos will guide you to some of the most enchanting places in the state.

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