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Here Are the Top 10 Most Epic Natural Wonders You Must Visit in Arizona Before You Die

Suny Errot



If there’s one thing that America takes pride in, it would be the abundance of natural wonders in Arizona. Not all states are blessed to have these beautiful places that are naturally crafted by the earth, more so, one of the seven wonders of the world. With picturesque wonders scattered throughout the cities that captivate the hearts of visitors, it’s no surprise the state sees millions of visitors and tourists each year.

Planning for a trip to Arizona soon? Check out the Top 10 Most Epic Natural Wonders in Arizona:

1. The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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Ask any traveler about a place they’d like to visit, and definitely, the Grand Canyon would be on their top list. When you are visiting Arizona, you shouldn’t miss your chance to see one of the 7 Natural Wonders in the world. The Grand Canyon itself houses a lot of majestic places to visit such as the Horseshoe Bend, and many other trails.

You can hitch a ride on a Grand Canyon train that gives you a superb experience looking at the beautiful landscapes of Arizona. Or if like a bolder activity, you can even see the majestic place through the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It’s not for the faint of heart because you will need to stand on a u-shaped glass bridge that covers 70 feet in the rim of the Grand Canyon. From where you are standing in the glass bridge, you are 4,000 feet from the Canyon floor. If you believe in the saying, “high risk, high reward,” this is it!

2. The Wave

The Wave arizona

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If this natural wonder seems familiar to you, that’s probably because The Wave is one of the old school Microsoft wallpapers. This curvy sandstone formation is truly a visual delight for photographers who are fascinated by its sheer beauty. Arizona is strict about this famous tourist spot. To keep The Wave in shape, they only allow 20 visitors per day through a lottery. For more chances of winning (and being here), you should definitely try applying during the winter season.

P.S. Is it just us, or is The Wave really makes you feel like you’re on another planet?

3. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

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The Antelope Canyon is quite similar to The Wave due to its smooth flowing shapes. The formation of this cool natural wonder was caused by the water erosion of the sandstones too. There are actually 2 sections in this slot canyon which is the Upper and Lower Canyon. You can hike both but your choice depends on your hiking experience and preferred difficulty.

Since this Navajo Nation sandstone slot canyon is famous for its undulating angles & light shafts, you better make sure you look picture-perfect! The background already looks superb. Practice your poses and capture the best shot!

4. Monument Valley

Monument Valley natural wonders in arizona

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If you want to seize the moment, buckle your seatbelts, and drive to the Monument Valley! You will surely enjoy the view while looking at the panoramic vistas, sandstone buttes, and colossal mesas. Here’s a road tripper’s tip for you though, don’t drive too fast or else it will be dusty!

The access to the Monument Valley Tribal Park is on US-163, just north of the Utah-Arizona border. You just need to pay $20 per vehicle (up to four people) to enter the park. Once you pay this fee, you can just come and go as often as you like. Isn’t that great?

5. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls natural wonders in arizona

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There is no complete “natural wonders in Arizona” list without the Havasu Falls! If you are dying to see this beautiful destination, just know that there is a long trail you need to conquer before you reach the Havasu Falls. Still, we can say it’s worth it! Imagine dipping into turquoise blue waters and feeling totally refreshed and light. That is quite a dream! We dare say Arizona is so blessed to have these natural waterfalls for everyone to enjoy. We also covered everything you need to know if you want to visit Havasupai this year.

6. Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly National Monument az

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Want to know something interesting thing about this monument? The Canyon de Chelly National Monument houses a 750-foot tall spire called Spider Rock, which by Navajo mythology, is the residence of the Spider Woman. Before you go all “Marvel” on us, Spider Woman is not a comic superhero, but a known “protector of human beings.” Some tales say she casts a web to capture naughty children when she gets mad.

7. Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater

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The amusingly big crater in Arizona was formed due to the explosion of meteorite during prehistoric times. When you compare the Meteor Crater in Arizona versus anywhere else in the world, it’s amazingly preserved because of the dry climate. It truly helps because it keeps the erosion process slow.

You can find the Meteor Crater off the I-40 in Northern Arizona, approximately 37 miles east of Flagstaff. It is also about 18 miles west of small Northern Arizona. It’s not just an amazing stop along the historic Route 66. The cool thing about this destination is that it lies at 5,640 feet above sea level and can be seen from outer space!

8. Kartchner Caverns

Kartchner Caverns natural wonders in arizona

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If you think Arizona is simply about landscapes, you are wrong. You can unleash your inner geologist and be in awe of amazing formations like stalactites and stalagmites at the Kartchner Caverns! These caverns are one of the best southern Arizona gems, as it boasts the world’s longest stalactite formation. Visitors will surely have a wonderful and unforgettable experience here. There are many gravity-defying helictites, rimstone dams, and waving flowstones.

For a one of a kind experience, plan your trip here during the yearly return of the bats so you can see a whole flock of them flying around. However, you need to take note that the caves are very delicate. Because of this, video or photography is not permitted inside the cave.

9. Chiricahua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument

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Visit a wonderland of rocks when you come to see the Chiricahua National Monument. Brave a trail here if you want to be in front of a beautiful sight of extensive hoodoos and balancing rocks. You don’t have to worry if you are an inexperienced hiker. There are various trails for all skill levels. There is an incredibly fun trail that leads to the Echo Canyon Grottos, and it’s easy enough for four-year-olds!

10. Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave natural wonders in arizona

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Did you know that there is an underground hike in Arizona that will take you through a lava tube? That’s right, such a beautiful place exists! It is actually a mile-long lava tube dating back to 700,000 years ago. It formed when a volcanic vent nearby Hart Prairie erupted and spew molten rock over this place. The top, sides, and bottom of the flow cooled down and solidified first. Then, the insides of the lava river continued to flow, emptying the present cave. Hikers who have already visited this cave say it is pitch black about 300 feet in!

Note: Please exercise social distancing when traveling, may it be to a nearby mart in your neighborhood, or to a scenic destination such as this. In addition to that, make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen as protection from excessive heat. Don’t forget to contact the local administrator and secure a permit before going to any of the natural wonders in Arizona because there could be some spots that are closed due to the pandemic.

Which among the natural wonders in Arizona is your favorite? Share your answer with us in the comments below!