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You Can Spend the Night 220-Feet Underground in This Epic Cave Suite

Suny Errot



When stressful situations come to light, all you want to do is get away from everything for a quick timeout. If you’re looking for a place to release all the negative energy, we want to recommend somewhere quiet so you can empty your mind. Have you ever tried sleeping in a cave? If you’re adventurous enough and willing to try new experiences, this hotel in Arizona has an underground suite and it is perfect for you! It is 220-feet down the ground, but you don’t need to worry, there’s an elevator that will bring you to your destination. Check out the Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite.

Have You Ever Heard of the Grand Canyon Caverns?

Grand Canyon Caverns

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The Grand Canyon Caverns is a famous underground attraction in Arizona. It lies 210 feet below ground level and is considered one of the largest dry caverns in the whole United States. The caverns was formed over millions of years ago and contains mummified remains of animals, missing hikers, and sloths that died in them. It was actually appointed as a fallout shelter for the presumed upcoming nuclear holocaust in the 1960s.

Many say this is literally the largest, quiet-est, and darkest motel in the world. You can just chill and relax, and explore the place without a care in the world. You can even dine in their restaurant, Grotto!

It Is Home to the Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite

This place is epic because you can also find a hotel! While it’s not a tiny and artsy Airbnb in a quiet rural community, you will still think this place is awesome.

The owners of this underground hotel made sure visitors won’t get claustrophobic. That is why the space is 200 feet by 400 feet, and has a 70-foot ceiling so you have plenty of room. If you think that’s not enough, just know that all the amenities you could possibly need are still available. You’ll find two queen-sized beds and a fold-out sofa.

You will also be amazed at how old the cave is It is actually over 65 million years old but it is still well-preserved! It was cultivated through natural erosion, giving it its natural beauty. There is no humidity inside the cave, and that is the main reason why it has been preserved for quite a long time. You don’t have to worry about organisms like insects because they can’t develop here. Some say the Grand Canyon Caverns is so quiet that the only thing you’ll hear is your heartbeat! With that, they assure you that the guests are the only living beings in the suite. Don’t read it again, you might get scared.

This Suite Used to Be an Evacuation Center in the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis

Grand Canyon Caverns and Inn arizona

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You must be wondering, why is there a suite deep down and 220-feet underground? Way back 1961, President John F. Kennedy decided to make a place where evacuees can be safe.

Evacuation Center cave

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They were preparing just in case there will be raining bombs in the area. There were over 2,000 people that stayed in the caverns which were given enough supplies and food during their stay. Even though they were never bombed, the place became a tourist spot and the Grand Canyon Caverns maintained this place and converted it to a pretty sweet suite.

Paranormal Activity Grand Canyon Caverns

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You will also see a sign on the caverns with the note “Paranormal Activity recorded here.” Some say the Grand Canyon Caverns is one of the haunted places in Arizona. It is rumored that there is a spirit who likes opening the elevators for no reason at all. You’ve got to admit, that’s really scary, but for some reason, it’s also nice because the ghost seems hospitable!

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Amenities Because They Have Everything You Need!

Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite room

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The place is so big that you can even bring your whole family here – and we’re not kidding! Well, it’s quite expensive if you only book this place for yourself, so we suggest you bring along family members and friends.

The Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite can sleep up to six people. The two double beds will definitely give everyone a good night’s sleep. Aside from that, there is a living room with a comfortable sofa-bed. This place will make you feel like going back through time, so make sure that you make the most out of it. Enjoy your wifi-free life by reading in the library filled with books and magazines like the National Geographic collection dating back to 1917. You can also play music with their record player with different records. Or if you want, you can just do a quick family game night at the big theater. You will certainly have fun here!

Grand Canyon Underground Cave

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As for your hygiene needs, you will be delighted to see and use the fully functioning bathroom (a cave with a bathroom? You have to take the elevator up for that, but yes please!). If you need anything else, the friendly staff is ready to assist you. Speaking of assistance, make sure to thank the staff that will hand-carry your water (100 gallons) and bring it to you.

Grand Canyon Caverns room

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If you think you’ve done every possible activity in the world, think again! Your list won’t be complete without a stay inside the Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite. Not everyone can stay inside such an unusual place that is over 200 feet below the ground.

Just a tip, don’t check-in too early because it won’t guarantee your privacy since the suite is a part of the Grand Canyon Caverns tour. The check-in time is normally in the afternoon.

Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite Details

Location: Grand Canyon Caverns, Route 66, Peach Springs, Arizona
Website: https://gccaverns.com/rooms-packages/the-grand-canyon-caverns-cavern-motel-room/
Contact: 928-422-3223
Price: starts at $900 per night
Check-in Time: Starts at 4 pm when the last tour for the day ends
Check-out Time: At 10 am the following day where the tour for the day starts.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon Underground Cave Suite? Did you have an amazing experience?

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