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The Largest Bounce House in the World is Coming To Arizona This Year

Suny Errot



Forget about swimming holes or expensive luxury homes. This supersized massive bounce party will be the only thing in your mind once it sets anchor in Arizona! The Big Bounce America is considered the largest bounce house in the world (Guinness Book of World Records-Certified!) and it will have something for everyone within its four walls of fun.

Don’t miss their opening! Keep reading….

The Big Bounce America is what kid dreams are made of!

Big Bounce America is NOT your typical bounce house. It covers an area of over 13,000 square feet and towers 32 ft from the ground to the tip of its candy-colored turrets. Just by looking at the photos from the other areas, you’d know that it is indeed a crazy inflatable landscape that is as amazing as it is fun.

Big Bounce America Wall Climb
Source: Big Bounce America

It even has some customized attractions that will keep you giddy and excited! Can you try and climb this inflatable tower?

Heart-pumping, energy-burning bouncing fun

Big Bounce America
Source: Big Bounce America

It’s not called the largest bounce house in the world for nothing. There will be a performer who will provide heart-pumping beats at the very center of the Big Bounce structure. The soundtrack is carefully curated by the DJ and it’s played to be appreciated the audience at each of the sessions. All this so you can bring home a memorable experience you can’t find just anywhere else.

Enjoy interactive fun, party games, confetti blasts, and competitions

Big Bounce America Confetti Blast Largest Bounce House in the World
Source: Big Bounce America

You can also wait for their giveaways if you want to win exciting prizes.

A chance to bounce for free

Big Bounce America considers its volunteers a big part of their success. If you want to assist with the check-in, staffing inflatables, overseeing the safety of the guests, or hyping the crowd, you might as well volunteer.

Big Bounce America Airspace
Source: Big Bounce America

By being a volunteer for a 4-hour shift, you’d receive 3 ‘Access All Areas’ passes to enjoy with family and friends. These passes will also grant you access to America’s Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course and airSPACE. If that’s not good enough, you should anticipate their official shirt which is exclusive for volunteers only. Talk about bragging rights, huh?

When is The Big Bounce America coming to Arizona?

We know you’re excited. We are, too. But we have to be more patient because Big Bounce America won’t be in Phoenix, Arizona until the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Big Bounce America
The Big Bounce America / Facebook

Aside from Arizona, they also have different states plotted for the year. You may check this link to get a tour update: https://thebigbounceamerica.com/family/tickets/

You may also sign up if you want to be the first to know when the tickets would be on sale.

Big Bounce America promises to be a better place for those who enjoy the bouncy sports arena. Here, guests can play basketball, dodgeball, soccer, and so much more! Just imagine the fun competition in this place! It’s nothing like you’ve seen before.


  • Purchase a ticket in advance from the website to get it for cheap. It will cost more if you wait for the event day and get it from their box office. 
  • Spectators can enter the grounds for free. Only those planning on bouncing on any of the inflatables require a ticket. 
  • There are different sessions you can choose from.
    • Toddler Session – intended for children aged 3 and under and their parents/carers.
    • Junior Session – intended for children aged 7 and under and their parents/carers.
    • Bigger Kids Session – intended for children aged 15 and under and their parents/carers.
    • Adult Only Session – intended for anybody aged 16 and over.


What do you think? Let’s BOUNCE!

Website: https://thebigbounceamerica.com