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Dine 200-Feet Below Ground at This Unique Restaurant Right Here in Arizona



People tend to stray from the normal things in life because of the desire to try something new and extraordinary. Eating at a restaurant is no different. They want something more than entering a store and putting dibs on the booth. This is why the Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona is a delight to any local or tourist who come visit it. It lets you snack on tasty meals underground! How cool is that?

The Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona: A Natural Wonder Formed Millions of Years Ago

Sloth Mummy Caves in Arizona

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The Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona is located just a few miles east of Peach Springs, Arizona. It lies 210 feet below ground level and is considered one of the largest dry caverns in the whole United States. The cavern was formed millions of years ago and is home to some of the mummified remains of animals, missing hikers, and sloths that died in them. You’d even see some claw marks on the wall.

Emergency Shelter Food Supply Grand Canyon Caverns

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Aside from the geology of the caverns, you’ll thoroughly be intrigued by its history as a nuclear bunker. Yes, it was a nuclear bunker. Back in the 1960s, the Grand Canyon Caverns was appointed as a fallout shelter for the presumed upcoming nuclear holocaust.

Emergency Shelter Food Supply Nuclear Bunkers in Arizona

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If you do a tour, you’d see that one of the caves still has enough rations for 2,000 people that will probably keep them alive for several weeks. Talk about civil defense preparedness!

Okay, so enough talk about the caves (although that’s unlikely). You should probably book a tour and hear from the guides for yourself. There are a lot of interesting things here, and now we get to hear about the BEST part!

A Delightful Meal In The Depths Of The Earth

Caverns Grotto Route 66 Stopover Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona

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How does lunch at the Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona sound? Just imagine being served with yummy burgers and realizing you are 200 feet below ground. Would the thought scare you? If not, prepare for a whole new and exciting experience at The Grotto! If you’re coming here, take note of the cafe at the ground level. You can stay there if you like. But you will have to take the elevator down 220 feet to the cavern, and walk a short distance before to experience the much-talked about dining experience.

Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto Food Dining

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The cost of lunch already includes the guided tour of the caverns, so really, you’ll get your money’s worth. The restaurant serves excellent food with portions that are generous, feeling, flavorful, and hearty.

Some of the favorites at the Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto include:

  • Pulled Pork
  • Braised Beef
  • Homemade Cream Pies
  • Patty Melt Sandwich
  • Burgers
Wooden Platform Caverns Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona

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The setting is also charming. There is a wooden platform with a “Caverns Grotto” label, built within the caverns with a few tables. It is basically made so guests can enjoy viewing the whole area. The whole place is also lit with various lights, and you will surely enjoy a peaceful dining experience. You may be inside a cave that’s 200 feet below the ground, but this sure feels like climbing up a treehouse. It can’t get any better than this!

Underground Dining grand Canyons Arizona

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Drink up with your old bud and just share stories over beer and laughter. We’re sure you can also free up space in your tummy for dessert.

Underground Dining Area Grotto Arizona

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If you’re lucky, you might be the only ones there for lunch. We’re sure you’ll bring home a unique and memorable experience after dining here.

Now, It’s Time to Explore!

Cave Tour Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona AZ Tours

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After your meal, you can proceed with the tour of the caverns. We guarantee you that your guides are all friendly, knowledgeable, and more than happy to facilitate the activity. It’s very well done. You’ll also appreciate the bit of humor added in! In fact, you should try to scoop some interesting facts out from them. A scary ghost story, if you will.

Tips for the First-Timers:

  • Many visitors who have been to the Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto say that the place is literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s found among sagebrush, junked out cars, as well as tumbleweeds. Do not follow the Google Maps directions because it will lead you to the private back road area. Just stay on Route 66, and you’ll see the Grand Canyon Caverns Entrance.
  • This trip to the Grand Canyon Caverns is perfect for history junkies and those who are into fascinating memorabilia. Additionally, this place is also home to a motel room, said to be the deepest, darkest, largest, oldest, and quietest motel room in the world!
  • You will get an informal and small-town feel in this place. It’s also not overcrowded nor too commercialized, so you will get a genuine experience.
  • The prices are as follows: lunch at $49.95 per person and dinner at $69.95 per person. You can also book the whole Grand Canyon Caverns Grotto for a private lunch. It’s ideal for a private family lunch or dinner, a special celebration, anniversaries, or a simple impromptu date. Send them an email or give them a call to inquire about it.

Grand Canyon Caverns Arizona Information:

Location: Mile Marker 115 Route 66, Peach Springs, Arizona, 86434

Contact No. (Grotto): 928 422-3223 (then press extension #2)

Email Info: https://www.caverninn.com/contact

Website: https://www.caverninn.com/

Note: The management is currently making protective COVID-19 measures. The caverns are temporarily closed until further notice. . You may still visit the motel, C-Store, and campgrounds. You may call them directly to book reservations or tours for future dates.

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