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Host Your Big Event in a Unique Way With This Pedal and Pub Crawl Experience in Arizona



Going to a hip bar like Lylo Swim Club is a great way to drink and socialize. It lets you let loose and have a good time. If you fancy a “secret” place, then a prohibition bar underneath a city may also be a good idea. Did you know that the good combination of drinking and socializing can also be achieved when you’re out on a bike? Well, a big one, that is. The Arizona Party Bike is a pedal and pub crawl experience that you shouldn’t miss!

Hopping Aboard the Arizona Party Bike Is Probably the Fun-nest Thing to Do

Party Bike Outdoors

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Many locals just can’t get enough of the party bike. Why is that, exactly? 

Here’s a wild guess. It’s not every day you see a party on wheels! The Arizona Party Bike will surprise you with its ultimate pedal pub crawl experience. They boast a rocking sound system, LED party lights, and even an electric helper motor. While you’re touring the city, you get to sip on VIP drinks specials and adult beverages! It is perfect for individuals who want to party with their friends or family for a special occasion. If you think about it, this is the best one for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well!

Check out the Arizona Party Bike and reserve seats on a guided pedal bar crawl today.

The Experience Is Definitely One to Remember

Arizona Party Bike friends

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The 2-hour experience is perfect for those who love a fun and unique time! The pedal pub can hold up to 15 people for private parties. Not to mention, those who want to ride the Arizona Party Bike may even request another bar bike or an extended time. Just give them a call and they will make your reunion, team building activity, casual party, or what have you, extra special!

These pedal pub parties can be booked in downtown Scottsdale, Tucson, Phoenix, and Tempe. Just choose your city and reserve your seats. And oh, make sure to bring your favorite adult beverages!

Try This 4-Wheeled, 15-Passenger Party, Arizona Party Bike, the Next Time You Plan to Host a Big Event

Moving Pub arizona

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There are different party bikes available in different places.


Private Group Party
Do you want to plan an intimate and fun party with your family and friends? The private group party is the most popular option for a reason! You can bring groups of 6 to 15 people to enjoy one or more party bikes. You just need to get ready for a 2-hour fun-filled extravaganza in Old Town Scottsdale.
Price: from $499.00

Old Town Pub Crawl
What better way to unwind than to go to three of Old Town Scottsdale’s classic and beloved pubs? You’ll be able to enjoy refreshing drink specials while your party bike pilot works hard to give you the best experience ever. Price: from $49.00


Private Group Party 
The entire Arizona Party Bike will be yours for two hours making sure you have the most awesome and fun-filled private party. Price: from $435.00

Old Pueblo Pub Crawl
Be introduced to three of downtown Tucson’s best bars, complete with exclusive drink specials! The Old Pueblo Pub Crawl is something you can’t miss. Your merry band of imbibing companions is sure to love this too! Price: from $39.00

Winterhaven Festival Rides
Make family activities more memorable by going on a family-friendly ride that runs every hour. This ride lets you see the amazing lights festival in an open-air environment complete with holiday music. Isn’t that special? Price: from $22.00


Private Group Party
Save money with the most popular option. Similar to the other tours in different cities, you can take groups of up to 15 people to this fun Arizona Party Bike. Price: from $450.00

Downtown Phoenix Pub Crawl
The pedal and pub crawl experience won’t be complete without a trip to the best downtown Phoenix bars! Book an individual seat to see what we are talking about. Price: from $39.00

What Should You Expect From the Arizona Party Bike Today?

Arizona Party Bike ride

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  • The pandemic is still very much present. This is why Arizona Party Bike has some new safety and sanitizing protocols to ensure all guests have a fun and safe time. Here are some changes that you need to be familiar with before joining the tour:
  • There are just some by-the-seat changes for a pub crawl. When individual seats are booked for multiple small groups, Arizona Party Bike will limit capacity to 10 seats. On the other hand, two small groups will be accepted to ensure the physical distance between groups.
  • Guests may also make reservations of 8 or more people private automatically at no additional cost. Private groups may still book the entire bike.
  • You will need to wear your mask when entering the bar, but you can take it off while drinking or eating.
Party Bike in arizona

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  • Expect new outdoor options when joining Arizona Party Bike. You can select from a bar crawl, a mural tour, a scavenger hunt, and other family-friendly options. They know you want new spots to enjoy when getting out!
  • There are also new pub crawl options for you to choose from. The management has secured partnerships with bars that have outdoor patios and to-go options for our guests for a safer experience. With that said, you may spend more time on the bike and make stops outside.
  • All locations have a BYOB policy until further notice. The Scottsdale booze store is also open for your convenience but purchase is not required.
  • The crew is excited to help you party, but since they take public health seriously, you need to comply with their procedures.

Note: Everyone in your group should bring a mask in this pedal and pub crawl experience.

Enjoying Alcohol on Board the Arizona Party Bike

Arizona Party Bike

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The licensing and permits are different in each city. Here is what is allowed and not at each location:

You may drink your adult beverages on the bike, but you cannot take any outside alcohol on the premises. Just choose from their selection of wine, beer, seltzers, and more. For your convenience, you may purchase at the on-site booze store! There is also an online store for Scottsdale so you can easily pre-order some and just pick up the items when you arrive. It comes with free coolers, ice, and cups for you!

Tucson and Phoenix
Bring your own beverage or alcohol. The management will still have free coolers, ice, and cups for you. You cannot bring glass or hard liquor on board. However, you can still enjoy wine, beer, seltzers, hard ciders, lemonades, and malt beverages.

All alcoholic beverages must also stay on the vehicle.

You cannot arrive for your party already intoxicated or you may be refused service without a refund.

Save a Trip by Pre-Ordering Everything You Need

Bachelorette Party

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If you want to take your birthday, bachelorette party, or other special occasions to the next level, then you might as well pre-order what you need.

Some birthday party essentials include a tutu, a fun lace sash, a birthday crown, and quirky glasses that can be anything from beer, margarita, or flamingos.You will also find some naughty and fun bachelorette party items guaranteed to make your event much more unforgettable.

Lastly, the shirts make for a good souvenir after your pedal and pub crawl experience.

Multiple Locations:

Scottsdale Meeting Spot: 7034 E. Osborn Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Phoenix Meeting Spot: Chambers Irish Pub 705 N 1st St Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Tucson Meeting Spot: 445 N 3rd Ave Tucson, Arizona 85705
Tempe Meeting Spot: Pedal Haus Brewery 730 S Mill Ave Tempe, Arizona 85281


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