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It’s Time You Learn About These 5 Tribes in Arizona With Lands That Are Truly Worth Visiting

Suny Errot



As we all know, Arizona is a land with great diversity. And what we mean by that is it is abundant with beautiful landscapes, nature, and interesting culture. The tribal lands in Arizona have greatly influenced the culture of different places. There are also a total of 22 American Indian tribes that are existing throughout the Grand Canyon state. Since we don’t want you to get overwhelmed while learning, we have compiled everything for you.

Check out the tribes and tribal lands in Arizona you should know about today:

1. Navajo Nation

Monument Valley Tribal Park az Tribal Lands in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Did you know that Navajo Nation can be found in other USA states as well? Aside from Arizona, there are tribe natives in Utah and New Mexico too. These tribe natives are called Diné which translates to “People.” The biggest American Indian Tribe in the United States of America is the Navajo Nation, and tourism plays a huge part of their growing economy because there’s a lot of amazing places you can visit here.

Fun fact: Arizona does not observe setting Daily Time Savings but the Navajo Nation sets it.

Places to visit:

  • Monument Valley Tribal Park. This place is named as one of the most picturesque places in the world where you can find beautiful sandstone pieces that are naturally crafted by the earth.
  • Antelope Canyon Tribal Park. If you ever thought that the red-orange landscape you see on your Windows desktop is not true, well, you have to see the Antelope Canyon and check both of its upper and lower sections. It’s a twisty, rocky wonderland!

2. Hopi Tribe

You can find the land of the Hopi Tribe near the high deserts of northeastern Arizona neighboring the Navajo Nation. The natives from Hopi are famous for their diverse range of artistry.

Places to visit:

  • Mesa Villages. First Mesa is composed of 4 villages with an expertise that focuses on pottery. Second Mesa covers three villages which are famous for their coiled basketry. Lastly, the Third Mesa focus on doing wicker basketry. All Mesas have things in common though, like weaving, silversmithing, and doll carving.

3. Hualapai Tribe

Grand Canyon View Grand Canyon Skywalk

Source: Google Maps

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of Hualapai? If you’re curious, then here’s the answer. It means “People of the Tall Pine.” You’d think that the tribe is aptly named because there are a lot of tall pine trees in their areas, specifically in famous travel destinations like the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

Places to visit:

  • Colorado River. You can enjoy swimming and paddleboarding activities in this awesome river located in the tribal lands of Hualapai.
  • West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Have an amazing time admiring the West Rim of the Grand Canyon by seeing its majestic landscapes in a new perspective! You can brave the Skywalk and learn a lot about the Hualapai culture at the Eagle Point.

4. Havasupai Tribe

Havasupai Falls in Supai, Arizona tribe

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Did you know that Havasupai natives are called People of the Blue-Green Water? If you’re asking why then just look at Havasu Falls and you’ll figure out the answer. This tribe is notably known for its unique take on arts and crafts, traditions, summertime irrigation farming, and winter hunting.

Places to visit:

  • Havasu Falls. It is one of the dream destinations of many, so when you’re here, take the opportunity to dip into one of the most refreshing falls in the world!
  • Havasupai Museum of Culture. If you’re a lover of knowledge, you must go here in order to learn a lot about the culture, traditions, artistry, and history of the Havasupai Tribe.
  • Havasupai Lodge. Camping is definitely a thing here but if you’re looking for a hotel, this is the one. Because literally, it’s the only hotel in Supai.

5. Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians

Horseshoe Bend az Tribal Lands in Arizona

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This tribe is only a part of the many tribes of the Southern Paiute Nation which lies along San Juan – Colorado River drainage and southern Great Basin. Its location is in the borderline of Arizona and Utah. The tribe natives of the Kaibab band have another language other than English and it is called Uto-Aztecan. They take pride in their overflowing geological wonders and recreations that focus on history.

Places to visit:

  • North Rim of the Grand Canyon. From the North Rim, you can try different viewpoints to appreciate the beauty of the world’s natural wonder. You can also take a trip through the Grand Canyon Trail Rides for a different type of experience.
  • Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend. Take the opportunity to visit Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend as you can enjoy a lot of awesome water activities here.

Basic Etiquette When Traveling to Tribal Lands in Arizona

  • Keep in mind that you cannot drink alcohol just anywhere. It is only allowed in assigned areas such as casinos.
  • Respect the tribes’ sacred ceremonies the same way you want to be respected. Wear decent clothes and be aware of your actions.
  • Ask around first before drawing, taking photos, recording of videos. Some tribal lands in Arizona will require you to secure a permit before you can be allowed to do so.
  • The structures in these tribal lands were built thousands of ago. They are fragile so be careful when going near them.
  • Follow all guidelines set in these tribal lands because failure to do so might lead to penalties and fines.


  • Do your research in advance before going to any of these tribal lands in Arizona. You should be aware that you need permits due to restrictions in some places.
  • Check road conditions before going and keep your gas tanks full.
  • Most of the places require guided tours, so you should book a known and trusted guide.

Have you heard about these tribes before? Or did you just visit these places?

Before you go, check out the 7 most beautiful places in Arizona and see if your favorite destination made the cut!

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