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Take a Trip to these 5 Hidden Beaches in Arizona for an Unforgettable Summer




They say sunshine is the best medicine. And where can you else your needed dose of sunshine than from the hidden beaches in Arizona that will wow you with its beauty? If you think this state only has its rugged terrain and dreamy deserts to be proud of, you are sorely mistaken. You don’t need to travel far just to get to a beautiful oasis. Check out these hidden beaches in Arizona you might want to consider for your summer getaway:

1. Cattail Cove State Park

Cattail Cove State Park (Lake Havasu City) az hidden beaches in arizona

Source: Google Maps

You don’t have to travel far to find the perfect tropical paradise. Come to Cattail Cove State Park and be in awe of the deep blue waters that will relax and mesmerize you with just one look. This 2,000-acre park has always been everyone’s go-to destination when they want to find tranquility along Lake Havasu. Do you like fishing? It’s a good place to fish for largemouth, flathead catfish, and striped bass. Do you want to swim? Well, you can take a dip and stay refreshed when you swim in the waters. If you want to laze around all day, you are more than welcome to lounge around and relax. It offers a whole bunch of activities for everyone to enjoy. That’s what makes it such a great place!

Cattail Cove State Park is also a haven for all kinds of water sports. You can just hop onto a jet ski out on the open lake and sail into the quiet coves. And if you can’t possibly finish all the fun activities you’ve planned out when you visit this park, then you can always camp out. This destination has 61 campsites, and will definitely be the key to your most unforgettable summer getaway! This should be your first stop in your “Operation: Visit beautiful hidden beaches in Arizona” adventure.

Location: AZ-95, Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86406

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2. Roper Lake State Park

Roper Lake State Park az

Source: The DYRT

Next up, Roper Lake State Park. My, oh, my. This is one charming destination, don’t you agree? This 32-acre lake is a famous relaxation spot, and is frequented by fishers and campers. Many people also escape to this place because it’s a good place to go boating, or swimming. Roper Lake State Park’s swimming area is located along a day-use island, and it stretches out into the lake.

After a long day of hiking, don’t you think you deserve to be in one of the inviting hidden beaches in Arizona? That will just calm your mind and invigorate your senses. Plus, you’ll also appreciate the views of Mount Graham. You can also explore the waters and sail aboard a small electric motor boat or a canoe. Once done, you can take a relaxing swim or go bird watching or wildlife viewing before joining your friends and family.

Don’t think you’ll run out of fun activities to do here. The park also features camping cabins, 30 lake surface areas (where you can do all sorts of recreational activities), a natural stone hot tub, and a swimming beach. You can even enjoy a sumptuous lunch by the picnic tables and grill your favorite meat.

Location: 101 E. Roper Lake Road, Safford, Arizona, 85546

3. Boat Beach

Boat Beach is one historic oasis you shouldn’t miss if you’re all about visiting hidden beaches in Arizona. It’s a famous starting point for rafters during river-running season. Many hikers also enjoy cooling off here after an exhausting climb. You’ll find many tourists visiting, visibly pleased by the crystal-clear water from Bright Angel Creek that finds its way onto the shores of this hidden alcove.

You can reach this place by foot, by mule, or if you prefer, by rafting the beautiful Colorado River. There is a lodging nearby called Phantom Ranch if you want to stay the night and explore the place more.

Location: N Kaibab Trail, North Rim, Arizona 86052 (Phantom Ranch)

4. Redwall Cavern

Redwall Cavern hidden beaches in arizona

Source: Instagram

Let’s not forget this breathtaking natural ampitheater that was carved by water flowing into the Grand Canyon’s limestone walls. It’s certainly a must-visit! If you look at it from afar, you might get the wrong impression that the cave is just small and forgettable. Don’t head back just yet. The illusion is there because of the towering cliffs above it, but once you get close to the cave and get out of the raft, that’s when you’ll see how impressive it truly is.

The cavern features some interesting and well-preserved fossils, including that of ancient marine creatures. According to John Wesley Powell, it’s also large enough to accommodate about 50,000 people or maybe play a good game of baseball. The interesting thing is, once you’re inside the cavern during a downpour, you might just get treated to an awe-inspiring waterfall that will form from the immense overhang or mouth of the cavern.

When you decide to visit the cavern, make sure you book an excursion with a reputable outfitter for safety purposes.

Location: Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, Arizona 86052

5. London Bridge Beach

Who, in the right mind, would pass up the chance to relax in this incredible beach? London Bridge Beach in Lake Havasu City is the perfect place to go to if you want to bring your family together and do lots of exciting activities. This destination features a buoyed swimming area, beach, dog park, playgrounds, basketball and sand volleyball courts, and group picnic areas.

You may opt to reserve the community stage, picnic areas, or ramadas for group events. That way, you can have it all to yourself and enjoy a more intimate time with your family. You can also take advantage of the seasonal watercraft rentals (kayak and stand-up paddleboard) for a thrilling water adventure.

There’s plenty of green grass for lounging and soaking up the sun. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the day. How does that sound to you?

Location: 1340 McCulloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403

General Reminder:

There’s no saying when the pandemic will blow over, so we suggest that you plan your trip accordingly. If you think that going to any of these hidden beaches in Arizona is risky, you should just stay at home and get busy with other fun activities. However, if you decide to push through with the summer getaway, please remember to practice social distancing, and always disinfect to be protected.

If you need more articles on lovely beaches, you can take a good look at 10 of the best beaches on the island of Maui. Or you can also learn about this epic kayaking tour that takes you through an emerald cave in Arizona. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these! And if you do visit, feel free to share your experience with us.

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