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The Complete Guide If You Want to Go Wine-Tasting in Arizona



As the old saying goes, nothing ages well like fine wine. The process as to how wine gets better with time is due to the complex chemical reactions of substances called phenolic compounds, giving the wine its unique and delectable taste. Contrary to popular belief, though, that’s not the case for all bottles of wine, as some bottles expire and others don’t get better. So much for the trivia, if you’re a genuine wine connoisseur looking to travel the lands in search of a sensational smack, then this read is for you. The ultimate guide for wine-tasting in Arizona is here!

The Grand Canyon State has regions that house must-stop and must-try vineyards, carving various trails not meant for hikers, but rather for oenophiles and wine enthusiasts.

The Big Three of Arizona’s Viticulture

Multiple regions engage in the industry of producing wine, but today we look at the three primary regions where wine-tasting in Arizona is at its finest. We’ll take a look at Willcox, The Verde Valley, and Sonoita and Elgin. Are you ready to enjoy a virtually delightful wine-tasting in Arizona?

Defy your expectations at Willcox

Carlson Creek Vineyard wine-tasting in Arizona

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You might think that desert soil isn’t exactly a good idea to cultivate grapes, but that is not the case. When people came to realize Willcox’s warm desert climate, high elevation, and sandy soil has almost the same terroir as other viticulture-rich lands, Willcox became an instant hit! Well, that’s already expected. Let’s check out the vineyards where you can go wine-tasting in Arizona.

Carlson Creek Vineyard

Growing around farms and eventually learning to love the craft, Ex-Marine Corp pilot Bob Carlson, with his wife Liz, started their family-owned vineyard and winery. Their dream to create a business for the future has blossomed into one of Arizona’s largest vineyards! How cool is that? Some of the samplings offered at Carlson Creek Vineyard include the Chardonnay and the Riesling. Drop by and experience The Carlson family’s commitment to fine wine at the Carlson Creek Vineyard!

There are three tasting rooms throughout Arizona, so you can just pick the room closest to you. For the wine-tasting, guests are encouraged to try a selection of the Carlson Creek catalogue while learning not only about the winemaking process, but the evolution of Carlson Creek and the Arizona wine industry. Tastings are $12 per person, and it already includes your choice of 5 wines plus a take-home insignia glass.
The best thing about the rooms is that you can enjoy the wines at your own pace, and won’t be rushed!


Flying Leap Vineyards

Passion, premium, and produce – these are the three P’s that Flying Leap Vineyards takes pride in. Passionate in their craft of creating ultra-premium bottles of delicious wine, Flying Leap Vineyards is arguable a must-visit place if you’re going wine-tasting in Arizona. An array of French, Spanish and Italian winegrapes are grown at this vineyard! Not to mention, there is an equally diverse selection of wine bottles for you to enjoy here.

Some guests also can’t help but gush over how beautiful their winery and distillery facilities are. It is a testament to the company’s efforts in ensuring that the customer experience at our winery estate is first-class, premium comfort, and wonderfully extraordinary. If you are ready to relax, unwind, and discover your love for wines, this is a good place to go to.


Quench your wine thirst at the Verde Valley

Page Springs Cellars verde valley az

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Sedona and its neighboring towns have yet to finish impressing us, as the brick-red sandstone formations and other natural sightings are not the only “wonders” you will see. Unbeknownst to others, this tourism epicenter is also a prime place for viticulture. Be it Merlot or Chardonnay – name it, they have it! They don’t just give grapes of lamentable quality, as their produce is outstanding as well. Without further ado, here are three vineyards we suggest if you ever fancy going wine-tasting in Arizona.

The Alcantara Vineyards at Cottonwood

Barbara and Bob Predmore’s dream venture is now one of the best vineyards to go wine-tasting in Arizona. Their passion for cultivating the volcanic soil of the Verde Valley led to the creation of opportunities for their partners as well. Visit and see their over 20,000 vines and 17 different varietals and have a glass or two of their fine-tasting Chardonnay.

If you want the ultimate experience, you should also try the Classic Water to Wine Tour! It already combines a fun self-guided float trip down the Verde River, with outdoor wine tasting at the Alcantara Vineyards at Cottonwood. We guess you could say – it is the best of both worlds!


Page Springs Cellars at Cornville

Page Springs Cellars is sure to give you an uplifting time, as they create their wines with a perspective characterizing that of Arizona’s desert landscape. You will also love that they are light on the wallet, so you don’t have to spend too much just to try wine-tasting in Arizona.

At Page Spring Cellars, everybody is family. After all, there is no better way to enjoy a bottle of wine than to sip and enjoy it with friends. Come and check their Rhône-style varietals including Traminette and Syrah. Don’t forget to ask their staff for recommendations of sampler boards, sharing plates, and pintxos that go perfectly with your wine.


Caduceus Cellars at Jerome

In the case of Maynard James Keenan, it was the magic of the mystical terrain of Sedona that enticed him to start a vineyard. If your taste is more on Spanish and Italian varietals, then you’re in luck. This place will be your next favorite. Caduceus Cellars produces 4,500 cases annually grown on a high-elevation slope on Jerome’s hills. Pay them a visit and indulge yourself with their fine tasting wine collection.

Just in case you want to get the most exclusive choice of wines, your regular supply of VSC and Merkin Vineyards, or Judith and a Marzo you can also sign up for their Wine Club.


Sonoita and Elgin

Callaghan Vineyards wine-tasting in arizona

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Sip back, relax, and enjoy at one of the highest vineyard regions in the country! The trick that makes this region trick is the growing temperatures and water-retaining soil discovered by Dr. Gordon Dutt in 1973. Let’s set our eyes on three vineyards to go to wine-tasting in Arizona in these regions.

Callaghan Vineyards at Elgin

Right here, ladies and gentlemen, is a big player. Callaghan Vineyards is an award-winning winery and vineyard since the ’90s and has made some White House appearances as well. That’s a measure of how decorated and grand their produce is. With a wide selection of reds, rose, and white wines, Callaghan Vineyards is the ultimate destination if you’re going wine-tasting in Arizona.

This vineyard is open for outdoor tastings, glass pours, and some bottle sales under the awning. You can even bring a picnic if you like. Just make sure you practice proper social distancing, and don’t forget your mask!


Kief-Joshua Vineyards at Sonoita

Green is clean – that is the code followed by viticulture expert Kief Joshua Manning, who produces the closest thing to organic wine. In his viticulture practice, he utilizes compost and has dumped pesticides and herbicides. In fact, you can call him a “green grower” if you will. Visit their vineyard and try their Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, and other samples made with passion.


Dos Cabezas Wineworks at Sonoita

This is quite a unique winery! That’s because the main vineyards and the winery/tasting room are in a different place. The vineyards are at Pronghorn Vineyard in Sonoita, and Cimarron Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement. On the other hand, the tasting room is at Sonoita. It is definitely a unique place to go wine-tasting in Arizona. With a wide variety of produce, from deep red, to sparkling pink, every drop is a delectable experience.

If you need any more convincing that this is a place to go to, you should know that Dos Cabezas wines have been served at multiple White House state dinners & included in the San Francisco Chronicle’s top 100 wines of 2012. Sure enough, the accolades received by this vineyard are not just for show. They won’t disappoint too.


Why Try These Places?

Wine is more than just a drink. It is not just booze that is light on the uptake. It’s a way for people to enjoy life, enjoy friends, and enjoy family. From the cultivation, down to its bottling, wine is made with passion and love for the art. The taste rooms from all of these vineyards are ambient and offer beyond exceptional taste! Without a doubt, wine-tasting in Arizona is an experience beyond elation.

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