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Float Down the Verde River and Taste the Best Wine on This Tour



Finding perennial flowing water in Arizona can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The state still boasts several wonders, such as the famous natural waterpark in Sedona perfect for hot summer days. But let’s stay on topic. We believe that we have the information for one of the most beautiful places in Arizona: Verde River! Here comes the exciting part. You can take a Verde River Tour by floating down on your kayak and sipping the best wine. Now, that’s living life! Keep reading…

Scenic, Serene, and Incredibly Peaceful

The Verde River is recognized for its outstandingly remarkable values that can be best described by its richness in fish, wildlife, as well as historic and cultural values. It is also a scenic spot that will make every nature lover fall in love with just one look. You can find this body of water breaking the arid uplands surrounding it.

If you want to take a Verde River Tour, you can try other fun recreational activities such as hunting, boating, fishing, birdwatching, and hiking. This is also a good spot if you want to go on a picnic with your beau or if you simply want to try your hand in nature photography.

Fun Facts:

  • The term “Verde,” is a Spanish term that means “green.” Therefore, the name “Verde River” means “Green River.” Looking at the photo, you’ll get that its name is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Many environmentalists advocate for Verde River’s preservation because it is vital to wildlife and recreation in Arizona. Additionally, it helps keep the river’s watershed healthy, which is important for the Arizona communities downstream.

The Fanciest Verde River Tour Will Turn Classic Water to Wine

If you really want to see the full beauty of this place, here’s the best suggestion: try the Verde River Kayak Tour and Wine Tasting! It combines the fun of an already exciting float trip down the Verde River with an outdoor wine tasting at Alcantara Vineyards. It is fancy, unique, and definitely an experience that gives you the best of both worlds. You can go with your partner, or with a group of friends (just remember that it can only accommodate a max group of 10). First, you will enjoy the kayak trip on the scenic stretch of the Verde River. There are also just enough chutes and riffles to keep you on your toes.

Next, you will reach a place in the shade of giant cottonwood trees. This means you are already at the confluence of Oak Creek and the Verde River. You’ve just finished your Verde River Tour, so it means there’s only one thing left for you to do. Guess what? That’s right! It’s wine o’clock! Take the path up through the vineyards and head to the Tuscan Farmhouse at Alcantara Vineyards.

There, you will enjoy a completely fun wine tasting activity which will last about an hour and a half. If you want to stay longer, you are welcome to do so. We can’t really blame you if you can’t get enough of those wines.

Arizona is home to many amazing wineries, one of which allows you to help animal rescues. The Alcantara Vineyards is a good destination and is considered a favorite on the Verde Valley Wine Trail. We suggest you take the time to enjoy your stay and ask the sommeliers to guide you through the tasting. You may also ask for the award-winning wines they have. Additionally, Alcantara Vineyards will prepare delicious food to pair perfectly with the wine and character of the landscape.

Note: Guests who will do the wine tasting activity must be 21 years old and up.

What You Should Know:

  • This fancy and fabulous experience is a unique activity you can do when visiting Arizona. Make sure you snap lots of photos and capture the beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, and excellent wine.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle as no plastic water bottles are being sold.
  • Wear clothing that is suitable for the adventure. You can also check the weather conditions on the day of the tour.
  • Bring additional clothes you can change into after the Verde River tour (you might get wet!)
  • Keep your belongings such as phones, cameras, sunglasses, and sunscreen safe by using an outdoor waterproof bag.

General Information

Tour Availability: February 14 – November 28
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Minimum No. of. Guests: 2. The minimum participant number for a trip to embark is 4. Note: The tour will reschedule trips with less than 4 participants. It is subject to no-cost rescheduling.
Tour: Classic Water to Wine

What an experience, huh? This is one trip you’ve got to do.