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Here Are 12 Reasons Why Visiting Arizona in the Summer Is the Absolute Best Idea

Suny Errot



Exploring different destinations when summer is at its peak may seem like the worst idea for any traveler. And if you’re in the Grand Canyon State, you might think the idea is absolutely insane. After all, the temperature in the Phoenix area for the past 10 years breaks the 100-degree mark more than 100 days a year. The place is literally experiencing dry heat. Even if you’re in the cooler areas, you’ll probably still be hot. However, you should know that visiting Arizona in the summer has some perks.

Is visiting Arizona in the summer a good idea? We have reasons to believe the answer is ‘Yes.’

1. You can take advantage of cool indoor activities.

Arizona Science Center visiting Arizona in the summer museums

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Just because you are visiting Arizona in the summer doesn’t mean we’re putting you right in harm’s (or sun’s) way. You will have an epic time exploring different indoor attractions such as aquariums, shopping centers, and museums. We’re sure you won’t be affected too much by the Arizona heat. So how does this plan sound?

Where to go:

  • Legoland Discovery Center Arizona – Tempe
  • Arizona Science Center – Phoenix
  • Laser + Mirror Maze – Scottsdale
  • Butterfly Wonderland – Scottsdale

2. There are a lot of deals anywhere!

visiting Arizona in the summer hotel desert

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What time is it? It’s summertime – meaning there are lots of awesome discounts and deals almost everywhere. Many hotels and tour operators offer low and special rates during this “low season,” so you might as well take advantage of that. In Arizona, these good deals during summer are prevalent in the central and southern parts of the state, where temperatures are higher. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Your summer travel will get you more bang for your buck, and isn’t that what we wall want?

If you want us to crunch some numbers, here goes nothing.

For example, during the peak season, an entry-level room at the Four Seasons Scottsdale will normally run you almost $500 a night (it varies). Try and book it until August 30 and you might get it for $189.

You may want to search for different hotels and resorts to compare it before booking. But one thing remains constant: there are a lot of deals anywhere! You may also be interested in staying at unusual accommodations if you’re tired of the same old hotels.

3. The pools will keep you cool.

hotel valley ho az visiting arizona in the summer

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Arizona might be a big desert. But you can actually find a lot of pools so you can work on your summer tan. There are literally hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from, so your only problem will be choosing your destination.

There are a lot of Instagrammable places in Arizona that also have fancy pools. You might want to give the place a good visit!

4. For some, booze may be the answer.

famous 48 places to get drinks in arizona

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It’s actually a good thing that the state boasts a vibrant scene of craft brewers, cocktail creatives, and other refreshing drinks. That way, you’ll have a place to go to during a warm or hot summer evening. Ah, visiting Arizona in the summer has never been so exciting. Just give your friends a call and prepare to spend a night of fun and laughter. There are many cool bars in the state, so just pick whichever is close to your home.

5. Join the fun at top summer events.

Summer days can be long and hot, but if you’re at an event having a good time, you may just forget that fact. Arizonans like to have fun. Don’t miss out and join these events! The triple-digit temperatures have nothing against superb festivities!

Things to do:

  • Catch the action of Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field.
  • Immerse your senses in the beauty of Desert Botanical Garden at the Flashlight Tour.
  • Go on a self-guided art walk at First Fridays Art Walk in Phoenix.
  • Try yoga in the rainforest in Scottsdale.
  • Try the Wine Dinner Series in Scottsdale.

6. You can totally check out Arizona’s beautiful waterfalls.

Mooney Falls hidden waterfalls in arizona

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Okay, so there’s some hiking involved here. But if you think about it, you will be rewarded with a cool and beautiful natural wonder that will make your summer unforgettable. Just prepare for your hike, and enjoy cooling off in the waters. It’s what everyone would do. We posted an article about the hidden waterfalls in Arizona. You may want to read it if you don’t have any idea where to go.

7. Summer night sunsets are to die for.

arizona sunset photos visiting Arizona in the summer

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If you’re going out to explore the desert landscape during summer, you better head out before  evening. Otherwise, you have to be prepared for the unbearable summer heat. And we’re telling you, it’s no joke. Go on a beautiful adventure when the temperatures cool down in the evenings. You can just catch the setting sun and make it the perfect backdrop, because it’s stunning beyond belief. You may want to pack a picnic if you want to see the sunset at Saguaro National Park. After that, you can just head to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to learn more interesting stuff (and maybe enjoy the free airconditioning).

8. You can always escape to a fishing paradise.

woods canyon lake az

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Who said visiting Arizona in the summer will only give you a hard time? Well, there exists a place where you don’t have to suffer hard from the sun’s scorching heat. There is a beautiful spot surrounded by a dense forest of pine, fir, oak and aspen, and sits at an elevation of 7,000 feet.

It is called Woods Canyon Lake, and it is the perfect destination for a day trip. Naturally, the place is cooler and more refreshing. It’s perfect if you want to escape from the city, breathe fresh air, and be close to nature. You can also catch many trouts too!

9. You can go on a lazy river tubing trip.

As if you need any more reason to justify visiting Arizona in the summer. Well, you can go on a lazy river tubing activity in Arizona this summer to beat the insane heat. There are several popular destinations that will surely give you a fresh and serene experience. You can see firsthand the wonder of the river, or you can also opt to enjoy floating around in a fancy resort. The choice is yours!

We already covered popular lazy river tubing destinations in Arizona. Give it a quick peek before deciding where to go.

10. You can check out cool roadside attractions.

Biosphere 2 Amazing Places in Arizona

Source: Google Maps

There are a lot of cool roadside attractions in Arizona, and summer may be the perfect time to check these out.  Of course, you may reason that it’s still hot. But just remember you’ll spend most of your time in the car, so technically, you will still be cool. You can just come out for a quick stop and a photo-op, and you can be on your way. The state also has some weird roadside attractions, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

11. Feel free to get wet and wild at the lakes and rivers.

lake powell visiting arizona in the summer

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Don’t think Arizona only has desert landscapes. Believe it or not, there are lots of lakes and rivers you can explore to get your “refreshing” fix. For instance, Lake Powell is a good destination because it’s one of the largest man-made lakes in North America. You can also try exploring it by boat, kayak, or paddleboard for a fun, cool time. But remember, since that will put you under the heat of the sun, it’s best if you pack sunscreen. A fancy hat is optional.

Check out other spots you can go to:

  • Wood Canyon Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Lake Havasu
  • Riggs Flat Lake
  • Bear Canyon Lake
  • Colorado River
  • Salt River
  • Verde River

12. It’s the perfect time to explore the hidden beaches.

Redwall Cavern hidden beaches in arizona

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You don’t have to travel far and wide to find the perfect tropical paradise. Be in awe of the deep blue waters that will relax and mesmerize you with just one look by visiting any of Arizona’s beautiful hidden beaches. We assure you, no one in their right mind would pass up the chance to explore these awesome destinations!

Are you ready for the best summer ever?