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Here are 10 Things People from Virginia Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else




Welcome to the Old Dominion State, where Virginians embrace a rich tapestry of traditions and customs that may baffle outsiders! From their obsession with peanut soup to their fascination with Civil War reenactments, residents of Virginia engage in activities that showcase their historical pride, culinary delights, and cultural quirks in ways that may seem eccentric or unconventional to those from different backgrounds. Join us as we delve into 10 quirks and customs that highlight the spirited and distinctive character of Virginia like nowhere else.

“Civil War Reenactments”

Virginians participate in elaborate Civil War reenactments, donning period costumes and staging historical battles, showcasing a deep reverence for the state’s rich history that may seem obsessive or nostalgic to those from regions without such strong ties to the Civil War era.

“Peanut Soup Passion”

Residents of Virginia enjoy peanut soup, a traditional dish made with peanuts, broth, and often ham or vegetables, showcasing a culinary tradition that may seem unusual or unappealing to those from regions without such a fondness for peanut-based cuisine.

“Squirrel Skinning Competitions”

In rural areas of Virginia, residents participate in squirrel skinning competitions, showcasing their skills in preparing game meat and honoring the state’s hunting heritage, a tradition that may seem bizarre or gruesome to those from regions without such events.

“Oyster Roasts”

Virginians host oyster roasts, where they gather to shuck and roast oysters over an open flame, often accompanied by beer and live music, showcasing a love for seafood and outdoor gatherings that may seem extravagant or messy to those from regions without such a strong oyster culture.

“Chitterlings Consumption”

Some Virginians enjoy chitterlings, or pig intestines, as a culinary delicacy, often served fried or boiled, showcasing a cultural tradition that may seem adventurous or unappetizing to those from regions without such a taste for offal.

“Foxhound Field Trials”

Residents of Virginia participate in foxhound field trials, where trained hunting dogs compete in simulated fox hunts, showcasing a love for outdoor sports and a connection to the state’s rural heritage that may seem obscure or elitist to those from regions without such traditions.

“Horse Country Hysteria”

Virginians embrace their state’s reputation as “horse country,” with many residents participating in equestrian activities like fox hunting, horse racing, and dressage, showcasing a dedication to horsemanship and a love for rural pursuits that may seem extravagant or elitist to those from regions without such a strong equestrian culture.

“Homemade Ham Curing”

Some Virginians cure their own hams at home, following traditional methods passed down through generations, showcasing a commitment to preserving culinary heritage and a love for artisanal food preparation that may seem labor-intensive or unnecessary to those from regions without such traditions.

“Cavalier Basketball Mania”

Residents of Virginia and fans of the University of Virginia’s basketball team, the Cavaliers, exhibit intense passion and loyalty during basketball season, often participating in raucous game-day festivities and celebrations, showcasing a fervent sports culture that may seem overwhelming or excessive to those from regions without such strong collegiate allegiances.

“Historic Cemetery Picnics”

Some Virginians hold picnics and gatherings in historic cemeteries, showcasing a unique blend of reverence for the past and appreciation for outdoor leisure that may seem unusual or disrespectful to those from regions without such traditions.

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